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Agam underwent a number of notable apprenticeships from various Indonesian entrepreneurs, artisans and designers to ensure a wide scope of expertise.

After years of experience as a self-made contractor, Agam finally immersed himself in the role of a design consultant to the nation’s notable individuals, brands and establishments.

Taking and learning from his years of experience, Agam Riadi had refined his arsenal of skills by combining his strengths as a designer with a strong business sense, whilst maintaining close ties with various types of peoples and industries.

Agam takes inspiration from the past, channels it through the present, resulting in a timeless work of space, art, and design.

Idealism, Pragmatism & Design

The idealist with a pragmatic business sense, Agam is one of Indonesia’s leading interior designers known for his distinguished taste.

After more than a decade in existence, Agam Riadi’s consultancy agency takes a deeper focus on residential, commercial and decoration projects and is currently responsible for the interior art direction of some of the nation’s beloved establishments and residences.