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The Elegance Of
A Colonial Botanical House

Set in a heritage-listed, colonial-era building situated in the middle of Central Jakarta’s upscale neighbourhood of Menteng, Bunga Rampai serves as a throwback to the nation’s rich and diverse history

Pakis Culinary and Agam Riadi transformed a grand Dutch residence into a dining establishment brimming with the charms of a botanical house from Indonesia’s past.

Classic Refinements Of The Dutch East Indies

A Plantation House concept evokes a coexistence of strong vintage colonial ambience and tropical architecture.

Bunga Rampai sits in an authentic colonial structure, more than 500 meters square in size, designed to replicate the feel of a rural Dutch plantation house, right in the heart of Jakarta. Entering the establishment brings with it not only a sense of awe, but also a rich sense of history as it preserves specific original features that mimic the original botanical house, with a glass-dome ceiling forming the centrepiece of the building. One of the more delicate – and most intriguing- efforts in the design was assimilating the mix of styles in the building. This effort can be seen in no better example than the selection of Bunga Rampai’s hand-picked furniture as local elements are posed next to patterns and colours that exude the historic elegance of the Dutch-colonial style.