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Sensory Indulgence Through a Marriage of Cultures

Nestled in a spacious 485m2 building with a strong colonial feel, Kembang Goela brings the complete Rijsttafel dining experience by combining classical European finesse with traditional Javanese accents.

Frozen in time while pointing towards the future, Agam Riadi and Pakis Culinary joined forces to create a unique and elegant dining establishment.

An Opulent Treat Fit For Royalty

Kembang Goela is born through a blend of cultures, tastes, and design; steeped in history and stories from Indonesia’s colonial past.

The restaurant takes inspiration from the Old Archives building of Jakarta’s past where the Dutch occupation had resulted in a unique assimilation between European and Javanese art styles. The mixture is known to be quite robust, demanding more vibrancy in vintage interior design, as a mixture of colour palettes are used to dominate most of the room. The dark tones that are used add a certain calm and relaxing feel between textures of wide terrazzo flooring, natural stone walls, and oversized accents. The lounge area, the two VIP rooms, the multifunction hall designed for special events, the Red Room, the function room as well as the customised table settings are all carefully handpicked to emit Kembang Goela’s gallant ambiance seamlessly.