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A Local & Royal Welcome

Bringing two of North Jakarta’s prestigious multi-styled Lippo St.Moritz apartment towers to the embrace of local culture, aesthetics, and design.

Agam reintroduces traditional elegance by infusing the lobbies of The Presidential and Ambassador towers of Lippo St. Moritz with local flair, class, and spirit.

A Regal Class of Itsown

Introducing the intricacies of crafts from the islands of Java and Sumba into a modern milieu.

Lobbies play a central role on forming a guest’s first impressions of a building. To this end, Agam devised a way of visually welcoming guests to the first-class hospitality fit for royalty, with a touch of flamboyance from the archipelago. Taking direct inspiration from the Yogyakarta royal palace, the Presidential tower is adorned with regal Central Javanese elements spread throughout the building. In similar fashion, the Ambassador tower takes its cues from Western Indonesia, with ikat designs and fabric embellishing the modern feel of the apartment towers.