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A Gem In The Heart of Jakarta

Named after the exotic gemstone of Javanese folklore, Meradelima sits as a classic aesthetic and culinary example of Indonesia’s rich Peranakan culture.

The Chinese diaspora, or Peranakan, community forms the concept of Meradelima, a collaboration between Agam and Pakis Culinary.

Delicate Charms Of Peranakan Setting

The striking and playful colours of Chinese-Indonesian festivities makes Meradelima a gem of ethnically inspired flair

Meradelima sits as a strategically located ode to classic Nyonya culture and dining -with a modern touch. Nestled in the heart of the city’s business district, this two-storey dining establishment celebrates everyday life through the lens of familial closeness, as intimate dining settings are marked with authentic home-style meals with a warm and welcoming feel. It also puts detail as its unmistakable core, where decorations of Chinese Peranakan accessories, treasured antiquities, and thoughtfully placed trinkets populate the space, emanating an elegant vibe that is still full of surprises. The dining rooms spread throughout the two floors are specifically designed with distinct purposes in mind, with private dining areas such as the ‘kebaya entim’ section designed to emit a nostalgic feel of the Nyonya dining experience.