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The Face of Eastern Design

The Serumpun Bambu fine dining restaurant was created with the concept and idea of bamboo forming the central inspiration in its design and overarching style.

Agam Riadi conceptualised, designed and realised Serumpun Bambu, taking inspiration from nature, creating an elegant restaurant brimming with eastern charm.

Eastern Grace & Grandeur

Retransforming the centrepiece of eastern craftsmanship.

As one of the 12 interior designers taking part in the second ‘The Colours of Indonesia’ exposition, Agam was entrusted with designing a temporary hotel restaurant. To execute this, he made bamboo his muse; his main source of visual inspiration, despite avoiding bamboo as an active working material. Impeccable details are evident throughout, with an installation of contemporary chandeliers, custom-made dining tables & chairs as well as antique Burmese twin Qi-lin statues adorning the establishment. This undertaking also showcases Agam’s flexibility and collaborative spirit as he joined forces with a number of local designers with a variety of expertise.