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Ballroom Dining From Indonesia’s Past

This grand establishment inspired by the Old Archives building, plays host to a unique Dutch-Colonial dining experience showcasing both regality and simplicity.

An approach wrapped in simplicity is applied in this formal table setting with the use of few elements with strong visual characters.

The Sumptuous Harmony Of Nobility

A canvas that can display limitless creativity and freedom.

Establishing a table setting within the spacious ballroom of Kambing Goela is a different challenge entirely that the previous table setting. The set needs to bear the necessities of establishing and conveying the formal and solemn ambience set in the dining space, but yet also be visually harmonious to the Colonial-Javanese style to be visually connected to the venue. A principle of simplicity was kept as a common thread between the ballroom and the table setting, only using few elements with impactful visuals and volumes to the table. Subtle gestures and discreet chemistry between the elements are the main strengths in this table setting designs, like the affected, gentle mannerism shown by historical nobility