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Causal Dining with Ethnic Flair

As part of the complete peranakan experience, Meradelima offers guests unparalleled dining in a casual setting brimming with classic ChineseIndonesian hospitality

To complement the elegant nature of Meradelima, the chic, tranquil and delicate aspects within the Chinese Peranakan interior style are embedded within the dining scene.

Chic Oriental High Tea

A table setting designed for casual afternoons of the complete nyonya dining experience.

Traditionally, late afternoon tea sessions, -an essential component in Chinese culture-, are more commonly associated with an intimate ambience that is filled with friendly conversations between guests. Thus for Meradelima, it is considered more appropriate to have a lighter and cosier version of the space’s elegant ambience for this table setting. To better suit the existing character of the space, a dash of elegance was added through the nyonyawear tableware, used to spatially connect the table setting to the overarching design of the space. Strengthening the concept further, the graphically rich and colourfully vintage Batik Pekalongan is inserted as table clothing and a runner on the table. Ultimately, the setting puts focus around the table guests and complements the food as a series of visual connections that supports communication between patrons.