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Enchanting Banquet Under The Stars

The elegant fashion of a European dining scene with a dash of Eastern flair, Bunga Rampai’s formal table setting brings both cultures together in a grand and cohesive manner.

Agam Riadi takes advantage of the restaurant’s plantation house theme and matches it with a refined fine-dining concept.

A Narrative Celebration of Festivities

The table setting is filled with a degree of extravagance, showing undying inspiration that displays limitless creativity and freedom.

The restaurant’s theme is designed to complement the unique ambience of the structure, applying the visual design approach while still paying homage to the restaurant’s overall Plantation House theme. As Bunga Rampai brightly captures a combination of styles, this image is extended further as a celebration in the form of a whimsical and fun table setting. In realising these concepts, experimentation was needed to bring out an extravagant feel that induced an awe-inspiring effect. As the background would represent a tranquil night sky above and lush greenery in the surroundings, the focal point of the room is shifted onto the table. These embellishments show the extent of accomplishments a designer can achieve through extensive exercise and experimentation.