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Transporting Batik Into The Modern Age

As part of the Gelar Batik Nusantara held by Yayasan Batik Indonesia at the Jakarta Convention Centre, Agam Riadi took Indonesia’s treasured heritage and helped place it firmly in the here-and-now.

Working in conjunction with celebrated Indonesian batik producer Danar Hadi, Agam Riadi redecorated a semi-outdoor dining space with tasteful modern touches that transports Indonesia’s centuries-old craftsmanship into a contemporary exposition of the nation’s national treasure.

Soul of a Nation

A blue-and-white nod to timeless elegance and class.

In 2011, Yayasan Batik Indonesia held its biannual exhibition of batik; inviting makers, entrepreneurs, producers and appreciators of the treasured craft and then showcase it to the wider world under the banner of Gelar Batik Nasional. Agam Riadi was asked by Danar Hadi to decorate a semi-outdoor dining area with Agam’s personal and distinct touches. Acting as an executive consultant, Agam helped create a lavish terrace that accentuates blue-and-white batik motifs on the table setting, glassware and accessories that upholds the essence of the craft without being confined to tried-and-tested motifs of the past. In essence, Indonesia’s treasured heritage was brought firmly and confidently into the modern age with class and panache.