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Outdoor Delights of A Grand Stature

An open-air breakfast setting brings with it a certain laidback ambience, perfectly enhancing the grand structure of the building surrounding it.

The table setting displayed within Rumah Tajur shows how creativity can shine with even the simplest backdrop

Intimate Simplicity

Making the stories, laughter, and liveliness amongst the guests, the centrepiece for Rumah Tajur.

The open-air environment of Rumah Tajur opens up many possibilities for table settings, as it is liberated from the need for themes necessitated by the orderly programme of the previously designed room – and as the possibilities rise, broader goes the variety of settings that can be achieved. Within Rumah Tajur, the lush landscapes of the space inspired a table setting design that had its roots in a warm and cozy breakfast/brunch setting on the patio. The surrounding serenity has greatly influenced the overall concept and atmosphere within the patio. With such a stage, the outdoor table settings is a strong catalyst in bringing out warm conversations in a peaceful background.