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The Essence of Peranakan Fine Dining

Taking the quintessential sophistication of a formal nyonya dining experience and transplanting it into a modern setting.

To shape a more relaxed image of Meradelima but to retain its elegant and luxurious nature, a simple yet romantic formal table setting was set.

Delicate Dining, Exquisite Setting

Placements of simplified elements are key in building a welcoming environment.

Unlike the high tea table setting, the formal fine dining arrangement is not set in neutral backgrounds, but instead is the sole focus and the inherent mood maker of the entire room. Placing a striking mixture of bold Chinese Peranakan colour pallets within the table combines the entire mood of the space with Meradelima’s interiors, creating an immediate visual connection. Coupled with fresh oranges, a universal Chinese symbol of happiness and prosperity, as well as hanging tassels, the dense yet quite freely shaped flower arrangement is an enticing and inviting accent on the table. Be it vintage belt buckles used as cup holders or antique figurines used as napkin rings – the most important aspect in creating a one-of-a-kind look is to not limit imagination, exploration and freedom in design.