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The Quintessential Colonial Banquet

Bringing the best of the colonial-era dining experience with the essential yet casual comforts of the present day.

In creating a one-of-a-kind dining scene in the visually rich and iconic interior settings, elaborate visual juxtapositions were used as the initial approach for the design.

Juxtapozed Elegance

Unexpected characteristics that come from the playful yet subtle accents are essential in adding a taste of freshness to the scene.

In creating a bespoke dining scene in one of the most well-known Indonesian fine-dining restaurants, usage of a myriad of visual contrasts is used in the initial design approach. Working with the mixture of cultures is the key component in the main concept for the table setting in Bunga Rampai. It’s useful in creating a culturally rich visual experience, whilst at the same time building the brand identity for the business. This mixture is equally an essential element in maintaining the Plantation House theme within the building. It’s essentially a collision between the neatly-organised table setting based on an international standard of specifications and Bunga Rampai’s unique visual presentation of Indonesian cuisine, placed within a distinctive European-style of decoration with astonishing attention to detail.