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Warm Countryside Hospitality

An indoor banquet experience situated on the outskirts of Jakarta, Rumah Tajur’s formal dining scene blends the simple with the sublime, the friendly with the exquisite.

Rumah Tajur’s dining setting emits a feeling of warm simplicity, contrasting the formality of conventional evening dining.

Vibrant Festive Dining

A symphony of white and green releases a vibe of the natural freshness of the lush landscape.

The table setting for the indoor space was designed for intimate gatherings of extended families, acquaintances and friends alike. Encouragement to build intimate bonds is placed by these design elements. Instead of using the table setting to tell a story that pulls focus away from the people dining at it, the design instead is an instrumental catalyst in establishing connections within the dining setting. Subtle lines from the colour tones and decorations lead to the centre of the room, with interesting selections of quiet centrepieces composed of light yellow rose bouquets and fern arrangements giving the space its humble appeal. The small flowerpots and the all-white tableware sets act as accents, as most of the table setting is designed to complement conversation around the long, wooden dining table.