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A Home of Personal Elegance

This residential project in Jl. Bangka, South Jakarta elevates personal styles of both Agam and the client to reach new heights of sophistication and serenity.

Agam Riadi was invited by a personal acquaintance and friend to help renovate a two-storey, 900m2 abode, where their shared cultivated tastes formed the basic blueprint of the rejuvenated establishment sitting on a lavish, 1500m2 land nestled in the heart of the flamboyant Kemang-Bangka district in South Jakarta.

A Makeover of Understated Refinement

A serendipitous amalgamation of styles and interests.

When asked to assist his friend in renovating his newly-acquired lavish and spacious residence, Agam took things in a personal manner. The fact that both Agam and his client shared the same tastes, style preferences and love of antiquities seemed like a fortuitous coincidence, perfect for the project at hand. Revamping the residence with personally selected wallpapers, curtains, decorative lamps and such, Agam kept things local by acquiring furniture from Jakarta-based artisans and craftsmen. The end result speaks just as much to the client, his friends and visitors to the house, as well as Agam himself.