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Elevating the Exotic Orient

Incorporating beautiful gems of the Orient into a modern and striking abode, Agam Riadi helped bring the jewels of the far east into the present day

Working well within his expertise, Agam Riadi was tasked with renovating a grand residence, transforming it into a playground of tones, antiquities, culture, and history

A Grand Home of Eastern Colours

Celebrating the treasures of the Orient through colour

Presented with an array of invaluable antiquities, ornaments, and works of art from the Orient, Agam approached this project with the idea of preserving the character and uniqueness of the pieces on top of his mind. Agam managed this by grouping each item and piece of art by its own distinct hues, thus congregating every piece in its own visual tone, creating a seamless and exciting journey into the multicoloured world of the exotic Far East.