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Divergent Beauty at Its Finest

This residential project in Sumatra Street, Central Jakarta pays homage to the beauty of divergent styles merged into one single habitation.

Agam combines disparate styles while maintaining a cohesive whole, complemented with taste and panache.

Eclecticism Personified

A residence that takes the guest on a journey of diverse cultures, art pieces, and history

The art of combining multifaceted styles into a solitary, tasteful and elegant body of work is a challenge that Agam Riadi takes to his heart. For this undertaking in Menteng, Central Jakarta, Agam was trusted to combine the client’s (a prominent local fashion designer) unique and wide-ranging collection of art into a residence showcasing tropical urban architecture that amalgamates a multitude of styles. When approaching this particular challenge, Agam made it a point that each room, hall, passageway, and chamber was given its unique style, perfectly complementing the artwork and furniture that range from the contemporary and modern, to the classical, ethnic and traditional while maintaining a flow that takes the guest through a sensory journey.