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A Contrast of Styles in
A Grand Setting

An exclusive residence available for private functions in Bogor, West Java, Rumah Tajur gave Agam Riadi the freedom to juxtapose, combine, contrast and assimilate.

Working closely with the client, Agam Riadi was given the opportunity to design a spacious country-style mansion on the outskirts of Jakarta.

Magnificent Country Living

Rumah Tajur boasts essential attributes of the neoclassic architectural structure.

Rumah Tanjur is a grand structure,around 3.000 m2 in size designed for use as both a vacation house and a limited function house where the client’s persona was formative as the main source of inspiration within the project. Creating such an imposing façade and balancing it with liveable, humane, indoor spaces was a challenge Agam took with open arms. While a stark white elegance bristles from the outside, the indoor space needed to radiate not only elegance as a connection to the outside, but also a sense of warmth – a welcoming atmosphere within a liveable home. The peranakan signature style is infused and fully harmonised with Rumah Tajur’s neoclassical interiors – giving an eclectic, yet still elegant vibe to the overall design.